Precautions You Must Take While E-Financing(EF) and E-Transfer Loan(ETL)

Precautions You Must Take While E-Financing(EF) and E-Transfer Loan(ETL)

E-Financing(EF) and E-Transfer Loan(ETL) is the fastest and most convenient way of cash transactions carried out through online mode. Customers find it comfortable and effortless to make their payments without delay.

It is so handy while paying long awaited bills before the deadline. Though there are lot of boons in online financing and transferring, it is needless to say that there are certain risks too if the customer fails to be alert all the time regarding his cash transactions online.

To avoid any mishap, each customer should take some precautionary measures while e-financing and e-transferring.

Address of the website:
No genuine bank will ask you for your personal account information. So if you are asked to share your details with them, first check the website’s address if it begins with http, only then the page is an authentic site. If not, it may be a scam to usurp your bank account.

Keep track of your accounts:
To do away with the fraudulent e-crimes, you should try to keep checking your bank and credit card statements from time to time to ensure that there are no illegitimate transactions from your bank account.

Beware of others:
When you fill in the application for e-financing and e-transfer payday loans Canada, make sure there is no one around to see the content of your application. This is just to ensure the safety of your personal bank details and to stop others misusing your details.

Never give your security card to any illegal loan providers and any other third parties to stop online theft and fraudulence which may result in your financial disastrous attempts.

Secure locations:
Never try to make any e-transactions from everywhere or anywhere especially from any public place. This may attract the e-criminals to look for details to rob your account. If you no other way out, after your online financing and transferring, make sure you delete the related details thoroughly after the transaction is over.

Always remember to create a strong password to your account through online mode. Never use a common word or phrase with your name or your date of birth etc.

Ensure you change your pass word every few months for security purpose. Do not write down your password anywhere. If you cannot remember your password and you would like it to be written, you can do so, but in only one safe and secure place.

Log out:
Make sure you log out each time you are done with your e-financing and e-transferring. It is always safe to log out each time your financing session gets over. This can prevent the unnecessary hacking of your bank account by any fraudulent.

In case you suspect any misappropriation in your bank account, never delay to inform the bank or credit card Company to avoid further damage to your account.

All the above tips will go long way and make sure your safety to enjoy the advantage of E-Financing(EF) and E-Transfer Loan(ETL) stay away from the cyber crime pitfalls

Safe financing to all Canadian!