A credit score is the soul of your financial survival and there are two different aspects of credit score bad credit score and good credit score. When you are living with a bad credit score, it is one of the obstacles which hampers all the time while applying for financial help.

As far as a good credit score is concerned, you can get financial support from anywhere without facing any challenges. Apart from this, with a good credit score, you can build your reputation in the eyes of banks and money lenders.

There are always lower interest rates that you have to pay while paying off the applied loans. There are such borrowers who couldn’t pay off their loans after applying; they have to face a number of challenges to get the loan approval.

One of the important things, what gives you bad credit score which is showing irresponsibility while paying off the loan back. Here irresponsibility means, not paying regularly skipping dates which also affects the credit score sooner or later.

You must be willing to know those facts which turn your credit score into a bad credit score after you have applied for loans. Most borrowers go for payday loans which are easy to apply; there is enough relief from emergency and unexpected expenses through such funds.

But responsibility matters a lot for paying off the loans. This is one of the reasons they could not pay off their previous loans which is why they are living with their bad credit score. There are certain facts that you can consider which get down your image in the eye of lenders and banks through bad credit score.

 8 things that make you a bad credit holder, you should avoid:


  • #1.Paying off with delay

While repaying your loan, when you go through skipping and late paying in between. It is one of the concerns which makes you a bad credit holder which causes inconvenience while applying for any sort of financial help.

There are such circumstances that play a key role in getting late to pay off the loans under which borrowers feel helpless.

  • #2.Ignoring payment

Not paying at all is one of the things which takes less time to convert your good credit score into a bad one. Many borrowers under such situations are found to be like that when willingly, they are not able to pay at all.

This is also one of the ways to sullying your image through your bad credit score in the eyes of money lenders and traditional banks. This should not be there once you have gone for loan approval.

  • #3.Living with charged-off account

In case you are not making payments for your loans, your creditor makes your account charged off and leave it. It is one of the main reasons due to which your credit score gets low for taking financial advantages during your needs.

You should be careful about that. So that you can be eligible to apply for loans or anything you need most with the strength of your good credit score.

  • #4.filed with bankruptcy

This bankruptcy is also noticeable for making you’re a bad credit holder. It occurs when you are unable to repay your debts with whatever circumstance you have, there is one involved to file this bankruptcy is your debtor.

Now, you can think of this bankruptcy which is enough able to deprive you of all the financial facilities by making your bad credit score

  • #5.Pending debts

Pending debts on your credit card can lower your credit score which is very harmful. And that’s why it is advised to the borrowers to repay their oldest debts as soon as possible. so that they don’t need to face the disapproval of any financial assistance.

First of all, you should pay off your pending debts so that there should be relief from suffering bad credit scores.

  • #6. Not continuing credit card with a balance

Whenever you are planning to discontinue your credit card with a pending balance, this will be caused to lower your credit score.  It would be better to cease after paying off the remaining balance which would be profitable to you.

Most people have such habits that cause an obstruction for getting the approval of what they are looking for with their bad credit score.

  • #7.Applying for multiple loans at a time

Applying for multiple loans at a time can lower your credit score under not to be able to pay those loans on time. It can hardly be possible for such borrowers who have maintained their credit score well. And they can only consider this option in a difficult situation.

Otherwise, this can be an onus for the loan repayment if it happens then, this will turn into bad credit score later on.

  • #8.Not paying attention to credit report

There is no fee which you will have to pay to receive your credit report. Actually, it is free of cost and you can get the report from Equifax and TransUnion. Due to potential default, many times possibility becomes stronger to affect the credit score.

If you find something this way then you have the options of these agencies for reporting the current status of your lower credit score.

How can I better my credit score from bad credit?

You can improve your credit score by showing punctuality without jumping off the due dates to pending payments. Even one single day of skipping can be bad, once you have started paying. So you should keep this in your mind for a fast recovery of credit score.

By making payments for your utility bills and cell phone payments before the due date arrives, you can see some credit getting for further benefits. Using your credit card for making payment for everything can also help you out in this.


A bad credit score can get you down from all the aspects of finance when you are dealing with. You can’t think of applying for home loans or car loans at your emergencies when you have a bad credit history with you for getting approval.

Either there will be high-interest rates after getting the approval to pay off or no approval when applying from money lenders and traditional banks. So it is better to work on your bad credit for its amendment first.


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