Payday Loans


Nobody wants to get trapped in debt and to be called a debtor. But this is what is called a life, which is not possible to take that along without money. Therefore, there are many Canadians who have no money to deal with their uninvited expenses of medical bills, college fees, car repairing etc.

And this is one of the reasons why they keep on applying for payday loans to fix their situations through paying. Even Canadian legislation targeted the consumer's protection by making payday loans reasonable. According to the report of Cardus, this came into effect in Alberta in 2016 and Ontario as well in 2017.

You can apply for short-term loans with your bad credit score which is the only root of all types of financial problems. But in the case of payday loans, you can feel a relief of irritating complications which are always there at the traditional lending places.

Yes, there are high-interest rates with the loans, but that will not matter to you when your strewn expenses can be fixed at the same time. You can't forget the experience while applying for an instant loan and getting the approval in a few minutes via e-Transfer.

The requested amount is directly credited to your checking account once you have got the approval by receiving a notification message. You don't need to worry about your details being hacked when applying from the trustable registered lenders from us.

Several countries are still coping with Covid-19 which has broken the backbone of the economy. This left a large number of people helpless in Canada to think ahead about what to do next.

If you are one of the victims then this is the right place for you where you don't need to think much about your helplessness. There is hope for you to thrive again if you have lost your all hopes for getting financial assistance.

What Are Payday Loans in Canada?

Payday loans are known for their fastest service to anyone who needs loans very quickly. This is not possible getting that whenever you apply from other financial institutions like banks or orthodox lenders.

There is a specific reason for that; they follow their term and conditions. This is a big problem for the borrowers whenever there is a brief checking for documents. It makes them helpless when they have a shortage of documents to apply for the loans.

By applying the online payday loans for bad credit, you can safely receive the e-Transfer money without facing any hard credit check or bad credit to remove your current expenses.

Yes, there are a bit high-interest rates which you need to pay back while the repayment of your loan. There are several states in which borrowers have a period of almost 62 days for loan repayment.


You can know the states now: Hurry up!

  • Alberta.
  • British Columbia.
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Ontario

Borrowers are increasing of payday loans

Almost 39% of insolvencies resorted to payday loans in 2019 which were only 37% in 2018. There is a growth to see clearly. There is an illustration of the percentage of the insolvencies that applied for payday loans. This survey was revealed by insolvency trustee firm Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc.

A brief illustration through statistics of insolvencies:

  • 10% reached in 2011.
  • 20% reached in 2014.
  • 30% reached in 2017.
  • 35% reached in 2018.

As far as size and caps are concerned of payday loans, it came into effect from July 1, 2018. That said, lenders can't render more than 50% of borrowers' net pay.

The repayment period extended for the repeated borrowers, it came into effect from July 1, 2018. Lenders must give some extra time to the borrowers for their loan repayment if they took out 3 loans within 63 days.

There was a fee that got lowered to $15 as per $100 borrowed for 2 weeks which came into effect on January 1, 2018.

Users of payday loans

About 38% of women use payday loans as far as men are concerned almost 40% of them use the loans the comparison to women. Both of them use such loans, but there is only a difference of 2% between them.

Young users are more than older ones to apply for payday loans

There is a very less number of old-age borrowers who apply for payday loans than young people. You can go through the data which is revealing the fact. That is based on their age group and their percentage.

Have a look at them very briefly! Don't miss it:

Payday loans through age categories % with payday loans
People between 18-29 48%
People between 30-39 43%
People between 40-49 40%
People between 50-59 32%
People above 60 24%

Loan Sizes Are Increasing

Apart from taking more loans, there is a size of average payday loans which has taken a rise in the fresh years. There was an average size of payday loans among the borrowers, who had to repay about $1,613, in 2019. That was almost 23% higher than in the year 2018.


One of the shocking things is that the speed increased in 2019 for the borrowers who were already in debt. And they took out the loans at large length. Now lenders and other financial institutions are trying to make multiple loan products easy.

There was a loan amount of almost $2,500 of a staggering 21% or more from 15% in 2018 according to a study. There was about 1% when the study began in 2011. That is the impact of easy to approach for the high amount for the poor credit holders.

There is a brief illustration for better knowing:

% Loan Size $2500 and Up By Year
1% 2011
1% 2012
1% 2013
2% 2014
2% 2015
6% 2016
9% 2017
15% 2018
21% 2019

How Does It Work?

Canadians look very keen to know how it works for removing their problems. First of all, the payday cash advance doesn't make you tired by going anywhere because you can apply that online by filling a simple application form.

You should know everything about its working process before you go to fill an online form. Let's try to get into this a bit deeper so that there can be no misunderstanding or any sort of confusion in your mind.

This is how it works:

  • Need to visit online only: You don't need to go anywhere, just apply for the online loan with Generally, borrowers have to go to traditional banks or other financial organizations which is hassle-free here.

  • Fill up the simple application form: There is no burden of any paperwork activities while you are applying for the loans. By completing the lending process, there is the possibility of 99% to get the approval if you have gone through all terms and conditions.

  • Select the loan amount: Once you have done all that you need to now choose the amount then hit the submit button. The lender reviews the details and sends the approved amount directly into your checking account.

  • It takes 15 to 20 minutes for receiving your loan: The amount is credited into your checking account within 15 to 20 minutes via e-Transfer; it only gets delayed once there is any technical issue.

When Do You Need An Instant Approval With A Loan?

Whenever things seem to have turned unfavourable for you and that can only be possible dealing with that when you have money. Otherwise, there can be dire consequences of one of the worse times which knocked your door to trouble you financially.

These are such times when you need urgent money on the spot to fix up your financial emergencies. There might be expenses that you never expected to bear when surviving on your paychecks. So this is when you need a fund aid as soon as possible.

A few reasons why you need that:

  • Whenever there are emergency expenses like hospital bills, the electric bill, grocery etc.
  • To pay school fees or tuition fees and buy stationery.
  • When someone can't wait till for his/her next salary.
  • When your car needs urgent repairing to go to your office or tour.
  • When you need to repair your house.

There Can Be Many More Requirements For Payday Loans Where You Can Contact Us.

What Makes Payday Loans Special?

There are so many things that make payday loans unique from other types of loans. When you have no time to wait for receiving money then the guaranteed payday loans no matter what Canada is the only hope you have.

There was a mention of so many things above which have created a different image of this loan. Those are the benefits only which borrowers like a lot, whenever they experience applying and benefiting from the funds.

Let's have a look at what kind of benefits these funds provide which have also become very renowned all over Canada. And sudden financial problems seem to vanish once you have got the loan approval after applying online.

Preferable advantages of loans: Must know once!

  • Easy and convenient to apply: This is what the people in Canada want whenever they have to apply for loans. Leaving your home to apply for the loans is very common, but you don't need to do that when it can be possible from wherever you are with 24/7 e-Transfer payday loans.

  • Fast approval: The approval process is so fast, after entering the details while filling your application form, you get an email or message regarding your approval. This is due to an online service and no crowd in the row of applicants.

  • No hassle of paperwork activities: You don't need to go through any paperwork formalities while applying for the payday loans near you by visiting online. There are so many lenders have their term and conditions which make you follow that.

  • Money transferred very quickly: This is what borrowers want at their extreme urgency of loans. On the other hand, traditional financial organizations make you tired and exhausted by visiting them frequently for unnecessary formalities.

  • Your credit doesn't remain lower: Once you have applied for the loans and made their payments on time then your credit score wouldn't be as that was earlier bad. Yes, you can see the improvement in your credit points.

  • A better option for your financial crisis: You can take advantage of payday loans whenever you find yourself alone, no one is coming ahead to help you financially. But with the help of this loan, you can come out of your financial crisis quickly.

  • You can apply anytime: There are many traditional banks which work only for business hours during weekdays from Monday to Friday. During these days only, borrowers can apply, but through 24-hour payday loans, you can apply for the money aid on any day and anytime.

How does a Bad Credit Score Affect the Application?

Generally, borrowers have to deal with so many problems, when they have bad credit while applying for loans. First of all, their application is denied whenever the money lenders find that they have lower credit or no credit score.

Most of the lenders can consider giving you the approval if you are one of the borrowers with bad credit. But you have to make your pocket tight a bit to pay a little more in form of interest rates whenever you want a bad credit loan approval with your worst credit ratings.

You have one more option which is a better option for you to get the instant loan approval with your negative FICO score. You can apply directly apply for payday loans for bad credit; here your application will get approval on the spot.

What Can You Experience With Bad Credit?

  • Your bad credit score can bring your effort making down: Whenever you have a bad credit score which will create problems everywhere for you whether it is for applying for loans or looking for a rented house or else even a job.

  • You need to pay high-interest rates due to your bad credit: If you have bad credit, you have to repay your loans bearing high-interest rates which are there due to your lower credit rating.

  • Your bad credit lowers your financial image: If you are a bad credit holder then your financial reputation in the eyes of money providers gets down whenever you approach them to apply for any financial help.

  • You can't avail of financial services: Your bad credit doesn't make you able to apply for anything precious, you need like loans.

  • You may have to face problems related to your career: You will always have a problem getting a job if you have a lower credit score. Because any company before hiring the candidates looks at their credit score.

Repayment Conditions for Payday Loans

Your loan repayment is also very important once you have used the payday loans. Paying back your loan on time can take you out of the financial ditch, you are stranded in. You should have prior plans about that so that in the end, you can repay your debt amount in full with no hassle.

Since this is not good delaying your payments makes your credit score even worse so that you can't receive any benefits further. There are a few tips for refunding your loans on time if you resort to them.

A few tips for your loan repayment:

  • Making a budget is a good idea: When you have applied for loans then you must have a burden on your shoulder to pay that back. What most of the regular borrowers do, they create a budget to know their overall expenses for saving some money.

  • Look for some discounts: Sometimes, going out shopping makes you spend more than you ever thought because things entice you due to their attraction. If you see it this way then bargaining is your strategy for money saving.

  • Give some extra time to your work: By giving some extra time to your working, you can make some money in advance because paying responsibility matters a lot when you are in a debt.

  • Avoid eating out, take your lunch box: You should know that you have to come out of debt so this can't be a good idea to eat out rather than taking your lunch. Through this, you can arrange money for eliminating your debt, you have.

  • Kick unnecessary expenses out of your home: We don't know exactly what sort of hidden expenses there are. So first of all, that is one of the important things knowing that then omitting the expenses without which living can be possible.

Payday loans vs. Personal Loans

For different purposes, people apply for different types of loans to come out of their problems. Similarly, there are payday loans and personal loans which work differently in the borrower's favour, but they should still know the difference between them.

Knowing the difference can help you understand which one is works how under what situations so that you can go ahead accordingly.

  • Payday loans: These loans are very helpful for handling short-term needs without paying any other extra fee. But there are high-interest rates that borrowers have to pay while refunding the loans which also help improve their credit score on the other hand.

    This type of loan demanded a lot under any circumstances; borrowers are in as far as eligibility is concerned without hard documentation. Payday loans have played a very major role in the lives of borrowers who have less time for money arrangement.

  • Personal loans: With the help of such loans, borrowers can purchase a house or car even they can pay high-interest debts, they are suffering from. Apart from that, there is no restriction for using this loan for a specific purpose.

    There are fixed interest rates with the loans to pay and repayment terms are longer than a payday loan. Borrowers can find the loans secured or unsecured, which depend on the collateral requirements.

Payday Lender Requirements

There are a few requirements in the case of payday loans. Again it also matters a lot from where you are applying with some lacking points. Traditional lenders demand so many requirements, whenever they need to give the loan approval.

The document submission is also one of the problems with the Canadian borrowers when they are at the lack like having bad credit. But keeping that all beside, there is a solution to your problem even with your inability to apply for loans.

Still, you can look at some of the requirements mentioned at the initial stage to make yourself feel comfortable when you apply for the loans online.

Basic and easy requirements for you:

  • Your address proof.
  • Your checking account number.
  • Your contact number.
  • Any income if you have to show like governments benefits you are receiving.

Where to Find Payday Loans Near Me?

You don't need to find the payday loan 24/7 by seeking from place to place when there is a wonderful option for you to apply online. You should have only internet access to play the game with keeping some basic information.

Once you are done with the applying process then you receive a message regarding your loan approval confirmation. At the same time, the page takes you to the main page for choosing the loan amount conveniently.

There you can pick up the loan amount and click to submit, that all! This is what you need to do when you are applying for payday loans for yourself without moving anywhere like banks or other institutions. Because you might be their victim to whom they keep on offering loans with high-interest rates.

A few things to remember while approaching payday lenders because all can't be right:

  • Check the licence for the identification of the right lender.
  • Need be aware of the interest rates, how much your lender is charging from you.
  • Read all the terms and conditions carefully mentioned in the agreement.
  • Every lender's policies might not be there according to your situation.
  • Whether they would charge any hidden fee or not, confirm through a comparison with other lenders.

FAQs – Payday Loans

Do I need a hard credit check for approval?

When you are applying for short-term loans then you don't need to go through a hard credit check for getting the same-day approval. Even you can get the loans in very less time once you have completed the online process with a soft credit check.

You need to provide some basic information also you can show any sort of income that you have to refund the loans on time.

What is the average loan amount? For which I can apply!

You can apply for the loan amount from $100 to $5000, in case you have a lower FICO score and get instant approval. Yes, there are high-interest rates that you need to pay back while refunding.

You can increase the loan amount above $5000 once you have started improving your score by paying off your loan on time.

Can I apply from two different payday lenders?

There can be no possibility if you have already gone through one payday process and your payment is still left to payback. In case there is a requirement for more second loans then you can consider applying first for debt consolidation loans.

How can I cancel my application?

You should contact your lender when you want to stop your application process due to personal reasons. If you go through this way, then your credit wouldn't be affected negatively even your lender has checked your credit.

Let's Make The Financial Benefits Equal To Everyone!

Payday loans are one of the loans which are mushrooming everywhere in Canada. This is all because borrowers are benefiting a lot from this loan, whenever they apply during their emergencies. There is no repenting over their "no credit" nor "bad credit" while applying for the same-day payout cash loans.

That's why this is what has created a new value of these loans in the market apart from "Loan Sharks" and leaving behind traditional banks. There is always a great option in form of these loans when someone needs that in haste.

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